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Composer Charles Camille Saint-Saens Although Samson loses his power due to Dalila's fascination, his final psychokinesis overcomes the pagan's indignity.
Title サムソンとデリラ Samson et Dalila
tl:title role
Samson(T), Dalila(MS), Abimelech(Bs),
Note Samson はDalilaの魅惑に負けて力を失いますが、最後の力で異教徒を滅ぼします。
Composer Richard Strauss Staging of some operas were prohibited owing to Ethical or moral problems. Although some operaws are needed to be played with eroticism, the performance is always depended on the director’s intension. “Salome” acted by Maria Ewing became a topic. “Thais” by Eva Mei in 2002 was also unique.
Title サロメ Salome
tl:title role
Salome, Jokanaan, Herodes, Herodias, Narraboth
Note 倫理、その他の理由から時代の要請で禁止された作品も多くあります。オペラの中にはエロティシズムが要求される作品も多いですが、演出家次第です。ユーイングのサロメが話題になりました。2002年のメイのタイスも異色です。
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