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Composer Bizet & Halevy The story of Noe is well-known. This opera is a joint work by Bizet and Halevy. Bezet, a famous opera composer as can be seen typically in Carmen, was a student of Halevy, later married with Halevy's daughter.
Title ノアの洪水 Noe
tl:title role
Noe, Sarai, Ituriel, Cham, Ebba, Sem, Japhet, Eliacin
Note ノアの物語はよく知られています。共作曲者のHalevy(アレヴィ)は実はカルメンで知られたBizetの師匠でありBizetは師匠の娘と結婚します。
Composer Giuseppe Verdi This opera is an early work of Verdi.
Title ナブッコ Nabucco
tl:title role
Nabucco, Ismaele, Abigaille, Fenena, Ebrei
Note この作品はVerdiの初期の作品です。
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