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Composer Edward Benjamin Britten It is difficult to know the meaning of this title. The story is the relation between a home tutor and two children.
Title ねじの廻転 The Turn of the Screw
tl:title role
Flora(S), Miles(S), Governess(T), Grose(S), Quint(T), Jessel(S)
Note タイトルの意味を知るのは難しいです。二人の子供をあずかった家庭教師が遭遇する物語です。
Composer Vincenzo Bellini There is a similar scene as that of Medea by Cherubini in that the title role intends to kill two sons. However, contrast to the case of "Medea", Norma forgives her hatreds and prefers her death.
Title ノルマ Norma
tl:title role
tl.(S), Orovso(B), Pollione(T), Adalgisa(Ms), Flavio(T)
Note Cherubiniのメデーアと同じように息子たちを殺そうとする場面がありますが、メデーアと違い憎しむ人全員を赦し自らは火刑を選びます。
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