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Composer Giuseppe Verdi Contrast to the former work of Verdi, this opera is the last comedy of Verdi, consisted of the several literary works of Shakespeare.
Title ファルスタッフ Falstaff
tl:title role
tl.(Br), Ford(Br), Alice(S), Nannetta(S), Meg(MS), Fenton(T)
Note Verdi の最後のoperaで趣を異にした喜劇です。シェイクスピアの複数の作品(ヘンリー4世、ウィンザーの陽気な女房たち)が題材となっています。
Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart The overture of this opera is also famous, and often recited alone.
Title フィガロの結婚 Le Nozze di Figaro
tl:title role
tl.(T), Susanna(S), Almaviva(Br), Cherubino(MS)
Note 序曲も有名で単独で演奏される事も多いです。
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