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Composer Ambroise Thomas "Connais tu le pays" is famous and includes a Goethe's poem.
Title ミニョン Mignon
tl:title role
tl.(MS), Philine(S), Wilhelm(T), Lothario(Br), Laerte(T), Jarno(B), Frederic(T), Antonio(B)
Note 君よ知るや南の国は有名で、ゲーテの詩も含んでいます。
Composer Luige Cherubini Medea is a wife of Giasone, who marries again with a princess in human world. Arising from revengeful passion, Medea kills the princess and her two sons. The word "media" is originated from Medea
Title メデーア Medea
tl:title role
tl.(S), Glauce, Giasone, Creonte
Note メデーアはジャゾーネの妻ですが、復讐のため夫の新妻と二人の息子を殺します。メディアの語源は霊界のメデーアによります。
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