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Composer Hans Werner Henze Upupa is a name of bird. This is rather easy-listening music among works by modern composers.
Title ルプパ L'Upupa
tl:title role
Badi'at, Daemon, Malik, Kasim, Dijab, Old man
Note Upupaは鳥の名前です。現代音楽としてはとっつきやすい作品です。
Composer Igor Feodorovich Stranvinsky This opera was composed in 20th century, but music reminds us somewhat that of 18th century.
Title レイクス・プログレス The Rake's Progress
tl:title role
Rakewell(T), Ann Trulove(S), Trulove(B), Shadow(Br), Baba(MS)
Note 二十世紀の作曲ですがこのオペラは十八世紀のクラッシクモードが感じられます。
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