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Composer Giacomo Puccini Although, Puccini composed a trilogy, demonstrating the order of playing, a few chances are expected to put on play, because artists with a suitable characteristic are difficult to be arranged due to vital three different stages, which are briefly; committing murder, suicide, and small humor.
Title 外套 Il Tabarro
tl:title role
Michele(Br), Giorgetta(S), Luigi(T)
Note 外套、修道女アンジェリカ、ジャンニスキッキはPucciniが順番も指定した、精彩を全く異にした三部作ですが、cast も多彩なため全作品を同夜演奏される機会が少ないようです。ちなみに内容は順に、妻の恋人を殺害、亡き子を想い毒草で自害、コミカルな詐欺です。
Composer Pietro Mascagni Mascagni became famous through subscription of this opera to a prize-winning of single-act opera. This style was followed by Leoncavallo as found in Pagliacci. Today, the two operas are commonly put on play simultaneously.
Title カヴァレリア・ルスティカーナ Cavalleria Rusticana
tl:title role
Santuzza(S), Turiddu(T), Lucia(S), Alfio(Br), Lola(MS)
Note Mascagni は制作中の作曲を中止し一幕の懸賞作品のためこのオペラを応募して世に知られるようになりました。このスタイルはLeoncavalloの道化師にもみられ、二つの作品は同夜演奏されるのが普通になっています。
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