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Composer Giuseppe Verdi Both heroines in “La Traviata” and “Tosca” die of chest disease.
Title 椿姫 La Traviata
tl:title role
Violetta(s), Alfredo(T), Flora(MS), Germont(Br), Annina(s)
Note 椿姫、ラ・ボエームとも女性が肺の病で亡くなります。椿姫は原作の題名の翻訳ではありません。
Composer Jacques Offenbach The subject “Orfeo and Euridice” was used in some operas by composers, including Monteverdi, Gluck, and Offenbach. “Orphee aux Enfers” by Offenbach usually involves satirical humors.
Title 天国と地獄 (地獄のオルフェウス) Orphee aux Enfers
tl:title role
Opinion(S), Licteur(T), Eurydice(S), Ophee(T), Venus(S), Cupidon(MS), Mars(Br)
Note オルフェオとエウリディーチェを題材にしたオペラはいくつかあり、Monteverdi, Gluck, のほかOffenbachの天国と地獄も風刺を交えて演出されます。
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