Self-introduction and the aim of this Web


@I was interested in opera music since my student days, whence however, commercial record disks were not available at reasonable cost and in quantity. The only way to listen the music was depended on the schedule of FM services such as NHK-FM or FM-Osaka. Contrast to conventional classical music, opera is needed not only to listen, but to understand a narrative. As there was rare chance to view actual opera performance at stage, it was essential to read textbooks with translation and explanation to understand opera story. In 1970fs, my cheap salary supported to purchase video machine, which satisfied my everlasting longing to entertain operas without books, because the TV-program offered subtitles. Currently, it is available to entertain many operas almost everyday, most of which I do not know even the title or composer, through CS (Communication Satellite: artificial satellite used for broadcasting in Japan) such as gClassica Japanh, gTheater TVh. I also interested in gcomputerh since the age of 8-bit machine. I am really astonished about the marvelous development of computer machine and the high technology of wide-ranged broadcasting.

@We have a related company in Thailand. I have visited Bangkok at least once or twice a year since 1990fs for attending the party or trip. At the beginning, I did not know even a phrase of Thai language. I realized that the very shortcut to get familiar with Thailand people was to become able to sing at least a song of Thailand, even if mutual communication was impossible. Today, continuous lesson enabled me to sing many Thai songs and to exchange Thai letters. I feel somewhat fantastic that I may be an enthusiast of Thailand.

Since I accumulated many experiences in the field of Opera and Thailand affairs, Ifd like devote some contributions through this Home Page.

As there are so numerous Home Pages related on Opera topics in all over the world, this page offers an insignificant interest. But, relatively few pages are found on Karaoke music of Thailand. It is a pleasure if I can give you a hint to get knowledge of Thai language and to practice Thai songs.

I already developed software to type Thai characters and word-process Thai sentence, using VBA macro on Excel Application. It is also my pleasure if someone who is learning Thai language, requests me to use of it. Most of Thai lyrics are given through the aid of this software (the software also offers the help of reading of Thai characters). As there are so many exceptions in rules in reading Thai characters, I apologize for so many mistakes in this HP.

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